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Going for the first time? We have track introduction courses on our Moto Trainer to help you get ready for your first track experience. Suggested for first time track riders, it will cover all the basics in one hour, plus 3 sessions of 3 laps on the Moto Trainer for Racalmuto Price €100 You can also opt for track tuition and assistance while on the track to make it as stress free as possible and you just concentrate on riding. This will help you improve your riding even further, making you also a safer and faster rider! Price per day €100 There is also an option to rent a motorcycle for the track if you wish to do so. Contact us on 99830334 or Facebook for more information. 

Join us for any of the above dates, we will be able to make it easier for you....
* Moto trainer tuition and practice *
*Motorcycles for Sale and Rent *
* Motorcycle transport *

* General help and assistance *

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