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  • Outer shell construction is ABS thermoplastic material which is lightweight and safe in case of impact.
  • Inner shell is made of EPS material with varying densities depending on zone ensuring perfect response to impacts.
  • Main visor is transparent polycarbonate with scratch resistant treatment, designed to cover the whole face for protection from wind and dust.
  • Second interior visor is dark for comfort against strong light, working like sunglasses. Relief present in the lower part, once raised causes the visor to disappear inside the shell.
  • Two air vents in the top and extractor on the back ensure good ventilation.
  • Interior of the helmet is designed to be comfortable, allows for wide view and feeling of freedom of movement.
  • All interior are made hypoallergic by the Sanitized treatment while also being removable and washable.
  • Micrometric safety strap makes the hook and release fast.

Premier's Dokker Helmet

€ 190,00Prezzo
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