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  • Waterproof coated fabric motorbike cover with thermally soldered seams and lining
  • Anti flap strap
  • Eyelet for padlock
  • Sizes:
  • M (scooter): 203 x 89 x 119 cm
  • L (sport-naked): 229 x 99 x 125 cm
  • L PLUS (front windshield + rear box): 229 x 99 x 125 cm
  • XL (maxi scooter): 246 x 104 x 127 cm
  • for motorcycle including front windshield and rear box

OJ Atmosfere Metropolitane Bike Cover

€ 43,00Prezzo
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    Once the order arrives at our store we will contact you to discuss the specifics of when and where the delivery will take place.
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