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Bogotto Race-X Motorcycle Boots

The Race-X offers just the right support on winding roads. Through various reinforcements, stiffness and the sporty design, the motorcycle boot can convince.


  • reinforcements on the ankle, in the area of the toes and heels
  • shift reinforcement on the shoe
  • shin reinforcement
  • replaceable toe sliders
  • zipper with velcro closure
  • comfortable mesh on the inside
  • comfortable fit
  • profiled outsole, for better grip
  • inner sole with Bogotto writing, removable and replaceable
  • Bogotto writing on the outside and inside
  • Bogotto logo on the heel
  • 3D Bogotto logo on the front side
  • 3D Bogotto logo on the front
  • protective footwear for motorcycle riders (EN 13634:2017)

Bogotto Race-X Motorcycle Boots

€ 110,00Prezzo
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